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Hey lovely, I’m Kim. I’ve always been a creative gal at heart, and have been a digital designer and illustrator for well over 9yrs in the not-so-sunny Bristol, UK.

Creative Happy Life is my passion business ran from my home office (or sofa if the mood strikes) in my spare time. There is nothing more rewarding than building your dream life, on your terms, whilst simultaneously helping others and embarking on your own journey of self-development and improvement.

Interestingly, the birth of Creative Happy Life was somewhat by accident. The seed was planted when trying to self-medicate for depression a few years ago – long story, but it was related to eating disorders, body image issues, lack of self work, and past trauma.

During my period of depression, I didn't realise the mental health benefits of having a creative outlet such as drawing, I was literally just trying to find something that felt like a positive use of my time. Anything was better than lying in bed all day with the curtains closed.

However, it soon dawned on me that what I illustrated on paper, or how I coloured something in, was my little form of escapism. To this day, that’s still the case! I truly believe that art is therapy.

In 2017, I launched my first adult colouring book Doodles from The Den, followed by Faces of The Zodiac in 2018. Some people use colouring as their form of self expression, or to combat symptoms of physical or mental heath issues, and it’s such an honour for me to have used my own personal experience to provide a form of enjoyment and positive focus for others. It’s totally gone full circle for me.

Self care, personal development, and being creative are all areas that I love to geek out over. I know that if I blend my own life experience and skill set with the above passions, I definitely have the capacity help others out there more than what I am right now.

My mission from here on out is to help and inspire others to pursue their most creative and happy life, and I’d love for you to join me in exploring your creative, happiest self!



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