Beginners tutorial: How to colour a flower using Prismacolor pencils


I absolutely ADORE my Prismacolor pencils (I’ve got the 72 set of Prismacolor pencils* if you’re wondering), and have always erred towards colouring in a way that creates super bright and vibrant results.


Colouring in a more realistic-looking manner has never really given me as much joy as choosing colour combinations that make me happy…and isn’t that really what colouring is all about? Being in your happy place?

The tutorial I’ve created below is absolutely perfect for colouring beginners, and even if you don’t own Prismacolor pencils, you can easily choose similar shades and apply the same colouring techniques shown in the video below.

What you’ll need:

Ornate Owl , taken from   Doodles from The Den   colouring book (Available in my  Etsy store )

Ornate Owl, taken from Doodles from The Den colouring book (Available in my Etsy store)

  • PC 994 – Process Red

  • PC 1002 – Yellowed Orange

  • PC 995 – Mulberry

  • PC 914 – Cream

  • PC 931 – Dark Purple

  • PC 947 – Dar Umber

  • Posca Pen*– White (Optional)

  • The Ornate Owl colouring page – or, if you like this style of illustration to colour, you can find this page alongside many other cuties in my colouring book Doodles from The Den (Optional)

Watch the tutorial

I really hope you manage to learn something from this tutorial! If you do find it useful, please let me know in the comments below, or spread the love by sharing this post elsewhere. Thanks!

If you’re interested in seeing how the rest of this image turned out, here’s my final version. I used my Prismacolor pencils, white Posca pen, plus some good ol’ fashioned glitter and glue (very messy, so never again).