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8 reasons why you should try digital colouring

There are many apps available to download โ€“ Pigment, Recolor and Procreate to name a few โ€“ that can be used to experiment with digital colouring, and they all vary in their level of complexity with the learning curve involved. Some are simply tap and fill with solid colours, and others are much more akin to working with traditional mediums and allow super flexible art creation.

Iโ€™d love to try and help you get started with digital adult colouring, so below is my rundown of what I believe are the perks of digital colouring vs. traditional colouring. This isnโ€™t meant to discredit how blimminโ€™ awesome colouring is with traditional mediums, itโ€™s simply to highlight why I absolutely LOVE digital.

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