Colouring page: Easter Egg Mandala


If there is one thing I LOVE about Easter, it’s got to be the mountain of chocolate eggs I get to unapologetically tuck into.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Cadbury’s creme eggs make quite a prominent appearance at this time of year too…mmm, mmm, MMM!

This month’s ‘Easter Egg Mandala’ colouring page will be the perfect sofa companion (for when you’re in a bit of a sugar slump after all that choccy gobbling), so print it out, grab your pens, and get stuck into this calorie-free treat.

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Happy colouring!

Easter Egg Mandala  coloured by Karen Senerchia

Easter Egg Mandala coloured by Karen Senerchia

Please note: I did use to offer this as a free download, but I’m now offering a ‘pay what you want’ model instead, with a minimum donation of £1. You’ll get access to this sample page, plus 18 other colouring pages! Want to know why? Read more below.


For a verrrry long time, month after month I would create free colouring pages for my newsletter list in the hope that if someone like my illustration style, they may go ahead and purchase something from my store in the future.

Of course, a few people have supported my journey as an artist from day one and I’m eternally grateful to those people. However, for the most part, people started to expect freebies from me and nothing else. There were a few months I missed due to work / life commitments and I actually had people complain or ask “Where is my freebie?” when I couldn’t find time to draw something and show up in their inbox – it was truly heartbreaking reading those messages!

Just to have my business “alive”, I have to pay website and domain hosting fees, Etsy fees, physical product costs, email list fees etc…as well as use all my free time around my full-time job to create colouring pages or products to actually SELL. Every single Etsy sale goes towards keeping my business running!

Also, I think we are guilty of freebie-hoarding and letting these files stack up on our computers and not actually taking time to appreciate and use them. I really want people to enjoy my work, and equally, experience the benefits that colouring can bring them. Ironically, the magic of colouring doesn’t happen if you just leave them in a folder on your desktop.

So, in order to try and keep the wheels of my business turning and not have to give up my dream of one day being a full-time artist, and equally to encourage you to ENJOY these colouring pages, I have switched to a pay what you want model with a suggested small donation.

This doesn’t mean I will never, ever offer freebies again – that would be silly! It just means that I am trying to shift the focus on my business to turn it into something sustainable, which in turn means I can continue to create beautiful artwork for my fans.