Digital colouring tutorial: How to colour hair using Procreate app


If you’ve been following my artist journey for a while, you’ll know that I switched from traditional pen and paper doodles, to digital drawing and colouring using the Procreate app…and I’ve never looked back!

This digital hair colouring tutorial is something that I recorded on-the-fly a few years ago, but it is my most popular video on my YouTube channel! I’ll admit that I’ve been rather lazy and only just got around to uploading it to my blog.

The tutorial I’ve created is super easy to follow, and for the amount of effort involved, it gives a really stunning result in just a few steps.

Watch the tutorial

I really hope you manage to learn something from this tutorial! Is there something else you’d like to learn how to colour using Procreate? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to my list :)


Example of what can be achieved using this tutorial

Below is an example of how I’ve used this exact tutorial to achieve red hair for the Taurus Girl that is featured on the front cover of my Faces of the Zodiac colouring book. I’ve coloured this using Procreate app on my iPad Pro, with the Apple Pencil.

If you like this colouring page, you can download it as part of the Faces of the Zodiac that’s available in my Etsy shop. Happy colouring!