Procreate tutorial: Masks explained, and how to use them


In this video, I briefly explain and demonstrate the 3 types of mask you can use in Procreate app: alpha lock, clipping masks and layer masks.

The Alice in Wonderland page featured in the video was April’s Creative Happy Life Club members colouring page…but please ignore my hideous colour choices in this video, it was purely just to show how to use the masks!

Video tutorial: Procreate masks, and how to use them

Masks are seriously SUPER handy when it comes to creating digital art in Procreate. There are 3 different types of mask you can use:

  • Alpha lock

  • Clipping masks

  • Layer masks

They may seem a tad confusing at first, but my video briefly goes over them with a quick demo of each one in action and touches on the pros and cons of each.

I am a keen “just have a go and see what happens” type of girl when it comes to learning how to use Procreate, so I highly recommend you do the same to truly understand how these masks work.

I hope this video helps you, and feel free to ask any questions in the comments section over on YouTube.

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Feel free to submit a tutorial request, or ask any pressing questions you have, and I’ll aim to cover these topics in a future video. I can’t wait to help you on your colouring journey with Procreate. It really is the BEST app for digital art creation in my opinion!