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Procreate tutorial: Masks explained, and how to use them

Masks are seriously SUPER handy when it comes to creating digital art in Procreate. There are 3 different types of mask you can use:

  • Alpha lock

  • Clipping masks

  • Layer masks

They may seem a tad confusing at first, but my video briefly goes over them with a quick demo of each one in action and touches on the pros and cons of each.

I am a keen “just have a go and see what happens” type of girl when it comes to learning how to use Procreate, so I highly recommend you do the same to truly understand how these masks work.

I hope this video helps you, and feel free to ask any questions in the comments section over on YouTube.

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8 reasons why you should try digital colouring

There are many apps available to download – Pigment, Recolor and Procreate to name a few – that can be used to experiment with digital colouring, and they all vary in their level of complexity with the learning curve involved. Some are simply tap and fill with solid colours, and others are much more akin to working with traditional mediums and allow super flexible art creation.

I’d love to try and help you get started with digital adult colouring, so below is my rundown of what I believe are the perks of digital colouring vs. traditional colouring. This isn’t meant to discredit how blimmin’ awesome colouring is with traditional mediums, it’s simply to highlight why I absolutely LOVE digital.

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Procreate tutorial: How to digitally colour flower petals (plus swatch file)

I use the app Procreate to draw adult colouring pages, and more recently, to digitally colour them in. In this video, I take one of my most recent doodles (a colouring page exclusive to my club members – link below for more info) and show you how I achieved a basic flower petal aesthetic using my iPad, Apple Pencil and the Procreate app.

Heads up...I am NOT a trained artist, I literally just love to play around in this app and hope that my little tutorials will help you along on your own Procreate journey.

I am planning to create more videos like this, geared towards people in the adult colouring community that enjoy digital colouring or simply want to learn how to get started.

If you have any video requests, please drop them in the comments below and hit 'subscribe' to stay in the loop when new tutorials for Procreate hit my channel!

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Beginners tutorial: How to draw a mandala

Drawing a mandala by hand is super easy if you do a little prep work beforehand with some basic drawing tools.

This tutorial shows the steps I take to draw mandalas, and yes, other people may do it differently but this is what works for me.

Don't forget that you could also take this one step further and colour it in (if colouring is your jam) or maybe even try drawing it in coloured pens or altering the grid a little.

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