The perfect printables for a more organised colouring experience!


The Colouring Companion : The perfect set of planner pages to assist your colouring hobby

If you're anything like myself, you probably dip in and out of multiple colouring books or colouring pages, have endless colouring supplies at your disposal (or on your wishlist), and maybe sometimes forget which colours you've used where on a design.

Rather than scribble notes on bits of paper, or rely on memory, I've made a simple set of printable trackers – provided at both A4 and US letter size – that you can use to document everything.

Get lifetime updates to The Colouring Companion printable bundle for FREE!

I truly believe in delivering as much value as possible to colourists within the community, therefore I am offering any future updates to this bundle for free to anyone who decides to purchase it.

I’ve designed a dedicated space to make it super easy to access your printables whenever you need them. No more hunting around in your emails to find your downloads, simply head to The Colouring Companion Hub and all your printables will be ready for you!

When I refine, tweak and expand this bundle in the future, your new pages will be accessible via The Colouring Companion Hub. You’ll also get an email from myself to alert you of any new content, so you’ll never miss a thing.

The Colouring Companion currently includes the following printables:


  • SWATCH SHEET – Swatch all of your colouring mediums

  • COLOUR COMBOS – Keep track of all your favourite colour blends

  • COLOUR TRACKER – Note all the colours you use as you work on a colouring page, and never forget the exact colours you're using on a WIP ever again!

  • SKIN TONE PRACTISE – Mini faces to practise skin tones and colouring make up

  • HAIR PRACTISE – Hair strands to experiment with hair colour combinations

  • WISHLIST – Keep track of all the colouring goodies you want to buy, perfect for knowing what to treat yourself to on pay day ;)

  • FACEBOOK GROUPS – Record all the Facebook colouring groups you're part of, plus any rules around posting your coloured pages

  • ETSY SHOPS – Jot down your favourite artist's on Etsy, so you don't forget who's work is available to buy on Etsy

  • BOOK INVENTORY – See all the paperback and digital colouring books you own at-a-glance

  • YOUTUBE CHANNELS – List your favourite colouring YouTubers, and make notes on their video content and live stream schedule

  • MONTHLY PLANNER – Plan your month of colouring (events, live streams, meet ups, colour alongs etc) around your personal schedule

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