Q&A with a colourist: Nicola Tagger

Today I’m interviewing Nicola Tagger, who just so happens to be joint admin for my private Facebook group ‘The Colouring Den‘ – ooh, how I love to be nosy and find out more about the colouring community!

Nicola’s colouring has always struck me as being so happy, vibrant and full of fun, and I think today’s interview with her really showcases her just-as-vibrant personality, and her own unique colouring journey.

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New colouring book: Doodles from The Den

If you don’t follow Colour with Claire already, you should! She consistently posts extremely valuable information, reviews, tips, tutorials etc and her content is brilliant.

I have her to thank for taking time out to colour, review and create this video reviewing my new book. She’s done a full flick through of  ‘Doodles from The Den’, and if you fancy seeing more from Claire (I strongly recommend this), you can find her original blog post here.

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Printable: Colour Combination Tracker

Throughout my colouring journey, I’ve realised there’s a need for a few simple printables that I can use to keep track of where I am with my colouring.

Last year, I created the Colour Tracker Printable as I kept finding myself dipping in and out of multiple designs, using different pencil or marker sets, and if I left a WIP page for a few days (or weeks in my case, as I’m usually too busy drawing) I would return to it with no idea of which shades or certain colours I’d used. The Colour Tracker was my solution to that!

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Colouring page: Dream, Believe, Achieve

To kick off the year in style, I’ve doodled a positive mantra that you can colour and then frame for your home, or maybe even pop into your scrapbook or planner.

I think it’s perfect for reminding ourselves that dreams are really just goals with a deadline, and if we want to achieve them, it’s a case of combining action with a huge dose of self-belief.

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Kim Whiteadult colouring
Q&A with a colourist: Diane Lloyd

I often see my colouring page designs brought to life by very talented artists, and of course, I’m in awe of the level of detail and thought that goes in to them. The different types of colouring styles, and individual take on things, really does blow me away! Diane Lloyd, despite her modesty during our conversations, is one of those people.

She’s very kindly participated in a Q&A session for us, and I hope this gives you a little dose of colouring inspiration! If you’d like to see more of her work, you can find her on Instagram @di.lloyd.

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Q&A with an artist: Cristin April Frey (Cristin AF)

Next up in my #ArtistsSupportingArtists blog series is Kelly Horton AKA The Colouring Collective. She is the multi-disciplined artist behind the popular Little Darlings colouring book series available on Amazon and Etsy, and I was amazed to discover how she juggles her career as an artist around being a super busy Mum – a real life Super Woman!

Kelly has also generously gifted you 10% off everything in her Etsy store (link at the bottom of the post) and has given Creative Happy Life Club members 3 gorgeous Little Darlings to colour in. Enjoy!

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