CHLC Review: Melanie Hawkins

I was lucky enough to get into the Creative Happy Life Club during the very first month on the ground floor. I'm proud to say I’ve been there from the beginning! This isn't your typical "color and share" group, Kim is VERY involved with her members and frequently vlogs to us and interacts through posts and chat. This is a family, and a very supportive and drama-free environment where we can discuss anything personal or public entertainment. I would recommend this group to anyone who wants to be part of a nice relaxed group of people, who don't judge, and have a great sense of humor!

- Melanie Hawkins

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CHLC Review: Sandra Duggan

The Club is an awesome place to be. The members are so supportive of each other, and no drama. It's a safe place to put yourself and/or your artwork out there. Many members started coloring for the same reason – because it is such a nice, creative stress reliever. Kim is an absolute darling, and I love her. She works so hard to ensure everyone is having a good time – and we do!

- Sandra Duggan

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CHLC Review: Holly McLaughlin

What has the Creative Happy Life Club given me? HOPE! I joined the group to help myself treat my anxiety and depression. What I thought I had joined was a monthly colouring page delivered to my inbox to distract myself for a day or two, but what I actually joined was a community where you quickly become family and your bestie is this amazing artist who is constantly giving you these amazing items that get you through a whole month – planner pages, beautiful digital art prints, fantastic discounts, and even better than that…her time. I truly wish I could give back to her for what she has done for me. She’s created a safe place to chat and learn with others, to show off finished pages and be bombarded with encouragements and suggestions on how to improve. This is no easy task, so I want to say that I highly recommend Kim White (mega amazing wonder woman and new Mum) and the Creative Happy Life Club .

- Holly McLaughlin

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CHLC Review: Sophie Disley

Creative Happy Life Club is about SO much more than just colouring. It’s a lovely supportive community where we can chat in an open and non-judgemental space with like minded people, and the colouring element is fab too of course. Kim asks for ideas for her monthly picture and listens to our feedback. Each month we get a picture we feel like we’ve helped create, even though Kim does all the hard work.

- Sophie

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CHLC Review: BethAnn McGill

Kim creates the most amazing goodies for her club members. I look forward to her blog posts and also seeing what beautiful pages she has created for us. On top of her amazing pages, we get heaps of freebies from her featured artists. I love reading about the artists, it’s interesting seeing their perspective on this huge coloring community. You can tell Kim really loves what she does, and even with being a new Mum she still pours all of her love into this club and makes it worthwhile for her members.

- BethAnn McGill

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CHLC Review: Te-Arnna Gardiner

I love the Creative Happy Life Club, it's a wonderful community of people who all enjoy colouring and a place we can all share our work and get to know each other. Kim is a lovely lady and friend to everyone in the group. It is a pleasure to do all I can to support her as an artist, and I will continue to do so. I'm so happy to have discovered Kim's artwork and to have become a member of this brilliant group! :)

- Te-Arnna Gardiner

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CHLC Review: Melanie Duncan

I found Kim White and the Creative Happy Life Club by accident and I have to say it's the best "accident" I've ever had! Her artwork is stunning and creative and her group is like family, supportive and encouraging. I am proud to say that I support this artist and will continue to support her for as long as she's creating art! Not just a talented artist with beautiful images to color, but a wonderful person full of such kindness and very interactive with her fans in both the Creative Happy Life Club and her Facebook group as well!

- Melanie Duncan

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Facebook Review: Sandra Hardage Duggan

Kim is an absolute sweetheart. So talented and so generous. The people in this group are super supportive and encouraging. I was anxious to share anything because of some comments in other groups but not this one. I love this group! Kim and everyone involved want you to grow not only in your artwork but just in your life too. We all have a reason for turning to this type of artwork. We can help each other grow.

- Sandra Hardage Duggan

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